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Sunaswan is an integrated industry and trade company specializing in developing and marketing of lignin serial products mainly with technical sodium and calcium.

We are proudly to introduce these high quality and high performance products to consumers at home and abroad who demand product quality, purity, and environmental sustainability.
Depending on the source of raw materials, lignin is divided into broadleaf lignin, conifer lignin and birch lignin, and the properties of lignosulfonate vary from source to source. Our lignin products are come from corncobs which are common to see in local and easily accessible.
In recent years the added value of local corn cultivation has increased significantly as result of the booming lignin business, as the marketing demand increase, it also pushed up the transaction price of corncob, which is now worth at least ten times more than in the past.
We are pleased to see this happen, and work hard on not only make money from it for the company but also bring benefits to the local crop farming and economy.
In other hand, purchases from customers will help promote the prosperity of community and improve the quality of life of local farmers in the region (Shandong area)

Please feel free to be in contact with us regarding the lignin products that you are looking for.
Thanks for visiting our website, we hope to have the opportunity to work with you, TOGETHER WE WIN!

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