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Dye Dispersing Agent.SQTS

Dye Dispersing Agent.SQTS

Product Description:

High performance dye dispersing agent SQTS is highly refined modified sodium lignosulfonate extract and purification scientifically from natural plants. The product does not contain any methanal, APEO, quinoline and other harmful substances, no adverse odor, make it has green environmental-protective quality. SQTS series product mainly applied to commercialization application of vat dyes and also serve to high temperature dyeing.

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Product Specification:

External appearance: Dark brown powder

Water content %: ≤9

PH value: 7.5-10.5

Water insoluble: ≤0.3

Total reducing matter %: ≤4

Sulphate content %: ≤5

Fe  %: ≤0.1

Ca.& Mg. %: ≤0.4

Thermal stability /level ≥ 4 – 5(150℃)

Product Feature:

- Outstanding thermal stability, the thermal class can reach 5 grade standard subject to temperature plus 150 degree centigrade.

- Excellent high temperature dispersion stability, tested by AATCC method.

- Good grinding efficiency.

- Good compatibility to anions, nonionic, dispersion agent, wetting agent, and most organic and inorganic substances.

- It is not easy to absorb moisture and will not lump at normal temperature.

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