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Sodium Lignosulphonate SQWS-1/2

Sodium Lignosulphonate SQWS-1/2

Product Description:

Sodium lignosulphonate in aqueous solution is made from corncob by utilizing sulfite pulping. Corncob is the single raw material during production, it is processed by adding 12% Na2SO3 into continuous digester, solution being condensed by a mechanical steam compressor and separated by chromatography, after second-phase condensation, obtain aqueous solution SLS WS-1 with high sugar (sugar content≥10%), and then after desugarization which bring in SLS WS-2 with low sugar (sugar content ≤8%).

This product does not contain any methanal, APEO, quinoline and other harmful substances, it's excellent thermal stability, dispersing property and good cohesiveness make it widely used as bulking agent and grinding aid in textile industry. it also can be used in carbon black, pesticide, animal feed, refractory, ceramics and pigment etc. Both models have powder and liquid forms.

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Product Specification:

External appearance: brown liquid.

Day matter: 48% min.

lignin content: 40%-50%.

PH (13% aqueous solution): 4-7;

Gravity (45% solution): 1.230-1.265 g/ml;

Water insoluble: 0.5% max.

Ash:10.0% max.

Sodium content: 1.5% min.

Ca.& Mg. content: 0.3% max.

Reducing sugar: High sugar 10% min.

Low sugar 8% max.

Residue (325 mesh sieve): 10ppm max.

Ci content: 0.35% max.

The above analyses are not formal specification, values may change subject to specific needs of customers, all values are calculated on solid where applicable.

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