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Beilin Forrestry University Realizes Patent Technology Transfer Of Lignin-Based Phenolic Resin Adhesive

Mar. 13, 2019

Beilin Forrestry University Realizes Patent Technology Transfer Of Lignin-Based Phenolic Resin Adhesive.

More than 90% of China's wood-based panel industry uses urea-formaldehyde adhesive, which leads to poor water resistance, long-term release of formaldehyde and pollution of the living environment. Although phenolic resin adhesive has excellent properties, its production cost is high, which seriously restricts its large-scale popularization and application.

Professor Sun Runicang, Institute of Materials Science and Technology of Beijing Forestry University, and Associate Professor Yuan Tongqi, through years of basic research, technological innovation and promotion, A new method for quantitative characterization of effective active functional groups of industrial lignin, combined with HSQC quantitative characterization, and a new technology of quantitative and efficient activation of lignin in alkaline medium were developed. Lignin, a by-product of pulp and paper making and biomass refining, was used as raw material, which was cheap, non-toxic and renewable. Instead of phenol from fossil resources, environmental protection and excellent properties of lignin-based phenolic resin adhesive were successfully developed. The plywood produced with this resin adhesive has excellent properties such as ultra-low formaldehyde and phenol release, weathering resistance and high bonding strength, etc. It has overcome the international technical problems of high formaldehyde emission and difficult utilization of industrial lignin in wood-based panel industry.

In recent years, the core technology, "preparation Technology of Biomass lignin High strength weathering adhesive", has been authorized to four enterprises in Shandong, Guangxi and Jiangsu provinces of China's main wood-based panel production bases in the form of technology transfer. Recently, the national invention patent, a lignin-based environmental friendly phenolic resin adhesive, was successfully transferred.

The successful application of the technology not only saves the production cost, improves the product quality and added value, but also significantly improves the production environment.

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