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Negative Expansion Agent SQEA-1

Negative Expansion Agent SQEA-1

1 Description of product

Negative expansion agent SQEA-1 is water-soluble dark brown powder extracted scientifically from corncob pulp using sulfite pulping. It is an important component of lead - acid batteries.

CAS No.8061-51-6 (sodium lignosulphonate)

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2 Product chemical & physical index

Solid content: min.93.0 %

Ph( 1% aqueous solution,25℃): 7.5±0.5

Water insoluble: max.0.07 %

Total reducing material: max. 4%

Total sulfate(calculated on sodium sulfate): max.7%

Copper content: max.300 ppm

Iron content: max.100ppm

Manganese content: max.10 ppm

Nickel content: max.10ppm

*The above analyses are not formal specification, values may change subject to specific needs of customers, all values are calculated on solid where applicable.

3. Product feature

effectively improve the consistency of additives, paste mix and batteries.

eliminate manual paste mixing errors and improve reserve capacity, cold crank ability and especially battery life.

Clean energy sources, nontoxic production process, reduce environment pollution and occupational harm.

Good compatibility to organic solvent, ionic and nonionic surfactant, dispersion agent, wetting agent, etc.

4. Storage

Store in the cool and dry ventilated places. Storage life 12-24 months.

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