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Low iron sodium sulfide

Low iron sodium sulfide

Commonly known as xanthophylline, a mixture with different crystalline water. yellow flake appearance, odour, Easily deliquescent, corrosive. Easy to oxidize in the air, Hydrogen sulfide produced in strong acid, soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol. Mainly used in pharmacy, paper making, engineering plastics, leather tanning, textile printing, milling of ores and so on. C.A.S number: 1313-82-2

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Test items                              Measurement standards

 Sodium sulfide (Na2S),ω/%             ≥ 60.0

 Sodium sulfite ω/%                         ≤2.0

 Sodium carbonate ω/%                  ≤ 1.5

 Sodium thiohydride %                   <5.0

 Iron (fe) w/ppm                              ≤ 20.0

 Water insoluble ω/%                     ≤ 0.02

Ignition point ℃                              90

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