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L-Arabinose. SQHT

L-Arabinose. SQHT

Product Description:

L-arabinose SQHT (CAS No. 5328-37-0) made from corncob, it is a kind of non-calorie sweetener, L-arabinose can inhibit the activity of sucrase and maltase, therefore it can prevent fat accumulation and help protect against diabetes. Arabinose is widely used in food, milk and beverage industries, also it is the key intermediate in the preparation of flavors, fragrances and pharmaceuticals.

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Product Specification

Product classificationL-arabinoseSolution L-arabinose
External appearanceWhite crystallineBrown liquid
Molecular formularC5H10O5C5H10O5
Molecular weight150.13150.13
Purity %≥99.5≥99.5
Melting point C°154-158--
[a]20D Spec rotation100-104--
Refraction %
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