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Carbon Black Dispersion Agent (Binder) Solution. SQBS

Carbon Black Dispersion Agent (Binder) Solution. SQBS

Product Description:

Sodium lignosulphonate in aqueous solution is made from corncob by utilizing sulfite pulping. This product does not contain any methanal, APEO, quinoline and other harmful substances.

In addition to the function of powdered sodium lignosulfonate, liquid lignosulfonate is easy to operate and save manpower. The advantages of no dust, easy transportation and storage, and no pollution to the environment make the main domestic carbon black companies happy to accept and use sodium lignosulfonate solution as carbon black granulation additive.

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Product Specification:

External appearance: dark brown liquid.

Day matter: 48% min.

lignin content: 40%-50%.

PH (13% aqueous solution): 4-7;

Gravity (45% solution): 1.230-1.265 g/ml;

Water insoluble: 0.5% max.

Ash: 10.0% max.

Reducing sugar: 10% min.

Sodium content: 1.5% min.

Ca.& Mg. content: 0.3% max.

Ci content: 0.35% max.

Residue (325 mesh sieve): 10ppm max.

The above analyses are not formal specification, values may change subject to specific needs of customers, all values are calculated on liquid where applicable.

Product features:

SQBS is the most effective carbon black dispersant available on the market today. Its function by adsorbing onto the black and imparting steric and electrostatic stabilization mechanisms. as both grinding aid and dispersion stabilizer, effecting improved fluidity at high carbon black concentrations. They lower both initial viscosity and gelling on standing. They also reduce or eliminate free water. Reduced milling times and higher loading both serve to lower manufacturing costs.

Natural rubber accounts for more than 40% of the total cost of tire production, and carbon black accounts for about 20%. while in the production of carbon black, the additive amount of sodium lignosulphonate which acts as bond and dispersion is only about 0.5% (calculated on solid), the cost is almost negligible, but it is essential in the process of carbon black production. In some respects, it even has a profound impact on the quality of CB finished products.

The product can also applicate to latex paint pigmenting, conductive coatings, water-bases inks, textile printing pastes, and aqueous graphite dispersions, etc.

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