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Carbon Black Dispersion Agent (Binder) Powder. ReaxS

Carbon Black Dispersion Agent (Binder) Powder. ReaxS

Product Description:

Sodium lignosulfonate is an anionic surfactant. it is the byproducts from the production of wood pulp using sulfite pulping. Carbon black dispersion agent is modified on the basis of sodium lignosulfonate, its high sugar and low ash, good dispersion and adhesion properties are more suitable for the production of high-end carbon black. Using this product as the additive for carbon black granulation, the finished carbon black particle has the characteristics of high compactness, high strength, less impurities, easy storage, transportation and low environmental pollution. Its good dispersibility in mixed rubber, especially suitable for the production of radial tyres and high-end rubber seals.

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Product Specification:

External appearance: brown powder.

Dry matter: 93% min.

ligno content: 60%-70%.

PH (13% aqueous solution): 6.0±3;

Gravity (45% solution): 1.215-1.245 g/ml;

Water insoluble: 0.8% max.

Ash: 20.0% max.

Moisture: 7.0% max.

Sodium content: 4.5-10%

Ca.& Mg. content: 1.0% mx

Reducing sugar: 10% min.

Residue (325 mesh sieve): 50ppm max.

The above analyses are not formal specification, values may change subject to specific needs of customers, all values are calculated on solid where applicable.

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