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Active Lignin/Active Lignosulphonate.SQNB

Active Lignin/Active Lignosulphonate.SQNB

Product Description:

Active lignin is a kind of natural organic macromolecule organic polymer which is the main component of plant skeleton. It is extracted from plant skeleton by mild preparation and extraction process. It has the characteristics of high purity, moderate molecular weight, high glass transition temperature, insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvent  There are active groups such as aromatic, phenol carbonyl, alcohol carbonyl, hydroxyl, methoxy, hydroxyl conjugated double bond in molecular structure, so they can be oxidized, reduced, hydrolyzed, alcoholized, acidized, photolysis, biodegraded, sulfonated, and can be Polycondensation or Graft copolymerization.  

The active lignin and its derivatives have various functions, it can be widely applied to the fields of petroleum resin, rubber tire, polyurethane, phenolic insulation board, surface active agent, carbon fiber, storage battery, agriculture and degradable products.

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Product Specification:

Inspection itemsIndex standard
External appearanceBrown yellow powderBlack liqid
Ligno content %≥93≥93
Water content %≤45≤85
Electroconductivity us/cm2≤1000≤20000
PH value (2% aqueous solution)4-64-6
Ash content %≤1.5≤2
Alkali insoluble matter % (based on solid )≤5/

Application Field:

1. Petroleum products substitute: Active lignin has a large number of active groups, such as phenolic hydroxyl, alcohol hydroxyl, carbonyl and so on. It can be widely used as a substitute for petroleum products in the field of polymer resins.

a. Phenolic resin industry: can effectively reduce the use of phenol and other petroleum products, and the application performance of the products can be effectively improved according to the different amount of lignin added. For example, the addition amount about 15% lignin in grinding wheel resin can obvious reduce the amount of phenol used, as well it can improve the strength and wear resistance of the grinding wheel.

b. Phenolic insulation board: reduce the amount of phenol in the production of phenolic resin, and increase the mechanical properties and flame retardancy of phenolic insulation board.

c. Epoxy resin industry: Can replace partial bisphenol-A, make epoxy resin or epoxy resin binder by direct reaction with epichlorohydrin. additive amount in 5-15%, as per performance requirements.

2. Rubber & tire industry: Because the active lignin has the natural benzene ring structure and resistance to oxidation , the active lignin can be widely applied to rubber and tire industry, the mechanical property, aging resistance,  heat resistance and flame resistance of the rubber products can be improved. Addition amount is generally controlled at 5-20%. The rubber resin product produced by the active lignin has incomparable advantages over the existing petroleum rubber resins.

3. Polyurethane industry: Active lignin contains active groups such as phenolic hydroxyl groups and can react directly with isocyanate to prepare polyurethane. At the same time lignin can partly replace polyethylene glycol to produce bio-polyether polyol which is widely used in polyurethane industry. Add amount should be 5-20% accordingly.

4. Can be used to produce lignin adhesive, which can significantly reduce formaldehyde emission of phenolic resin or urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive, and improve environmental protection and water resistance of the product. Lignin-based adhesives can be used in composite boards, hardwood, MDF and particleboard.

5. Active lignin or active lignin sulfonate is a natural anionic surfactant and antioxidant, which can replace petroleum sulfonate products. Therefore it is widely used in petroleum tertiary exploitation, dispersant, lubricating oil and cosmetics industries.

6. Carbon adsorption and carbon fiber industry: Active lignin is a kind of high molecular natural polymer, in which the carbon content is more than 50%. It can be used in lignin carbon film, nano-carbon micro-fiber and activated carbon fiber and so on. Is a brand-new carbon fiber raw material, can realize the high performance and the civilian use of the carbon fiber product.

7. Active lignin retains the active group of natural lignin and can be completely compatible with asphaltene components. Lignin has excellent ultraviolet photoaging resistance and is a kind of natural antioxidant . Modified asphalt with excellent performance and environment-friendly can be obtained by lignin modification.

8. Battery indudtry: The addition of active lignin or active lignin sulfonate into storage battery as an expansion agent can improve the performance and prolong the service life of the battery, while reducing or even preventing the production of lead oxide or lead sulfate.

9. Biodegradable products industry: Active lignin itself is a kind of fully biodegradable polymer, it can partly replace expensive polylactic acid to produce degradable plastics, mulch film and other products, effectively reduce the amount of white plastic waste.

10. In agriculture: Active lignin or chemically modified active lignin can be used as dispersant and emulsifier for pesticides or herbicides. At the same time, it can be used to produce organic slow-release fertilizer, which can improve the effective utilization rate and manurial effect.

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